Hello everybody, it’s been a long time since our last tutorial, so nice meeting you again….

today’s tutorial, we will discuss basic details on how to add an ADVERTISE HERE banner to Blogspot website or Custom Domain Website, but let’s discuss how the banner works.
An ADVERTISE HERE banner shows your Blog visitors that their is an ADVERT SPACE available, when you add this feature to your Blog, if any Blog visitor click on it, it will automatically take you to a page you’ve created before that contains information on Advert on your site…

to do this: on your computer, press the right click button, then save the ADVERTISE HERE image below to your computer, make sure you know the exact location.
now go to Blogger dashboard, click on new post, drag the image there, now click on Link at the above icons on your Post page

link the image to the advertise here page you’ve created on your website before, to copy, just go to the ADVERTISE HERE page you published before, after that switch your compose to HTML from your post page, now copy the HTML code and paste anywhere you want the banner to appear on your site and view your Blog, that’s all

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