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many Bloggers have their own Image for Their Blogs, so they decided to make their Blog Not look like Blogspot website, so here is something you should take care of on your Blog, Blog Favicon….
A blog favicon is a small image beside your blog address and title on every Blog visitor’s browser, below is and example of default blogspot website favicon and my website favicon:


I guess you all now know what a favicon looks like, though many Bloggers prefer the default icon, but their are some Bloggers that are not in love with the icon, they actually want another image, incase you want to change the favicon please follow this steps..
Go to Blogger Dashboard → Layout, at the top left corner you will see Favicon, click on Edit and change it to your desired image.
Note: Image must be a square image in Pdf or Jpeg form
#Goodluck, see you soon..
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