Hello, welcome back to Gurusblend tutorial, i promised that i will drop a new tutorial on how to create a free custom email address like name@yourname.com for Blogs, currently people believes that only Google Have the kind of service which is custom email address, though you have to pay, many people find it so hard to pay, and except your Domain service provider provided you a free email forwarding, you cannot have a custom email address. Have decided to put an end to this problem, that’s why i wrote this tutorial, please continue reading.

Before we continue, please watch the video below, it shows Demo of how to create a Zoho Mail account with your Domain name. i already have account their, which will make it impossible for me to register for an account again, but it will surely show how to create an account:


The above demo shows how to sign up for zoho mail, you can add more than 2 email accounts.
setting up is very easy, just visit www.zohomail.com has shown in the video, click on Get started, their are up to 4 types of plans, there, we have the free plan,
standard which is $2 per month, Pro which is $5 per month and Enterprise which is $8 per month, if you are planning on using it for Business then  you can set up a standard, pro or Enterprise account, but since it’s a personal Blog you just need a free account with up to 25 users maximum, insert your details in the box has shown in the video, it will automatically log you directly into your Dashboard, you will given an HTML CODE to place into your Blogger  blog <head> the same goes for WordPress users, do as you are instructed, create and customze email as you want and start enjoying.
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