This tutorial will be directed to Bloggers who are interested in building a music blog.
Their is no much tutorial about building music blog, which gives hard time for newbie bloggers who also want to start a music blog, since they don’t get the secret behind music blogs, they do copy and paste, people who download the song from their blog will know they stole it because, the song will promote the blog they copy the song from instead of their own blog. please follow this tutorial patiently. In this article, how to start a music website will be discussed.
What is Music Blog?
A music Blog is a website that contains music, people will be able to stream online, play songs and download the song if they are interested in having it on their device. Many Nigerians have been wondering how music site works, if we are to talk of,, and other music blogs, you will surely be amazed at how music works on those websites, what is the secret behind this? we will talk about everything in this tutorial, and also how to make money from music blogs, how to set up music blog on free blogs like Blogspot and WordPress.
*Features of Music Blog are:-
1. Responsive website/blog design.
2. Music Category.
3. Audio Player HTML code.
4. Songs.
5. Cover Image.
6. Voice tag.
7. Free file hosting/download link.
Let’s discuss the above features works on music Blogs
1. Responsive Blog design is one of the powerful parts of all blogs, apart from music blogs, responsive design is very useful on all blogs, be it entertainment blogs, news and other blogs, if a blog is beautiful in appearance, visitors will want to check back later for new updates, so i will say design is very very important.
2. Music Category is also an important part of a music blog, for example you give updates on music, but you don’t have a music category or page shown on your blog or visible to visitors, if you post music, it’s just for fun. So make sure the music category is visible to visitors.
3. Audio Player HTML Code: You will have to add an audio player HTML code to your blog, this will allow visitors to play a song on your blog, listen to it before they download. for that to work, save the following HTML CODE, to a safer place on your computer system:

<audio controls>
<source src=”Music link />
If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

The above code is available for wordpress and blogger users, you can add the html code to the post page by switching to text on wordpress and html on blogger, replace the music link with the file url.
4. Songs: The major part is the songs you will be posting on your blog, you must make sure the songs are new, for example: a song was released two years ago, and you just posted it on your blog, you don’t have to expect people to download the song because it’s old.
Where To Get Songs:
To get songs, you have to stay connected to artists and celebrities on social media, what is instagram and twitter for? if you follow any artist on IG, posts from the artists will be visible to you, so any time the artist releases a new song, it will be announced to all followers, not only that, they will also give download links but sometimes, those songs are always available for sale on itunes, play store, and other music platforms. if you cannot buy the song, then wait for a trusted website to post it. now now download the song and edit.

Getting music from other music blogs is not easy, because it’s rear to get a non copyrighted songs.

these are songs that does not have the number 6 features of music blogs that i mentioned in this article which is voice tag.
Voice tag is cool on songs, it will continue to advertise your Blog anywhere the song was played, for example if you download songs from Naijaloaded, you will be hearing Hot Music At, that is called “voice tag.”
I will teach you how to do that in this article, before you download the song you want to post, listen to the song, because if their is another blog’s voice tag on your own Blog, visitors will know you stole the song from another blog, and that will spoil your reputation.
5. Cover Image: this is very important on music blogs, because if visitors download songs from your blog, anytime the song is played, their will be a cover image that will be showing on the song. Let’s say you downloaded a song from, if you play the song it will display an image that says “HOT PICKS AT GURUSBLEND.COM” and all links to our social media pages. doing that is very easy, many people thought it is hard to do that but trust me have found an easiest way to do it.
Design your prefered image, you can use corel draw, but if you wish to do it online, visit, then sign up using your facebook account or google account to speed up your activation, design an image their, preview and download it.
Why Bannersnack?
Bannersnack is the most easiest graphic design platform on the internet i knew, all what you need is already there, you just have to select the one you want and add it to your image, you can also create a flashy image and an animated image.
NOTE: if you are using bannersnack free account, if you download the image, you will see a clean bannersnack logo at the down right corner of the image which means nothing is for free.
What to do:
just use any screen capture application you have on your computer, if you don’t have, i recommend you to get one, if you are using FLASH PEAK SLIMJET BROWSER, just click on the menu button at the top right corner, scroll down to capture screen, click then capture the exact image and save to your computer.
NOTE: To get a music logo suitable for your blog with quality design. transparent image in PNG format that is also useful blog favicon you can call +2349025728302 or send a direct message to, or chat with me by using this link:
After getting the song, let’s say you downloaded the song from, here is an example for Pepper Dem Gang by Olamide and Davolee, the music title will be as follow: Pepper Dem Gang || and so on.
what you just have to do is to remove and add your own.
On your computer, click on the song, right click, from the page that follows click on properties, navigate to Details, you will see everything there after editing save. open your windows media player. Drag the song to the player, make sure windows media player is on the list of all songs to avoid the song playing, drag the song to the playlists.
*Go to where the image you want to use is, drag the image to the media player play list, drag the cover image to the top of the song and release your mouse, the cover image will change from the formal to do the new image you just added.
6. we’ve said much about this before, i will just tell you how to add your “voice tag” to your songs. many music Bloggers go to the studio to do their own recording. but that’s somehow costly. so no need to do that, just follow the steps here, you will know how to do it and start doing it for people.
Step 1: get a text to speech software text to speech can help you do the job successfully. Download a text to speech  application to your computer, search it on Google for free downloads.
After that, type the text you want to convert, e.g hot music at your, convert, change voice, select speaker , do it to your own taste and save.
Open virtual DJ,add the song to the left player and the to the right player, do it as you want and save.
NOTE: add voice promotion before adding number 5 Album Art.
7. file hosting: this is the site that will host the music and allow people to download it, i recommend, use your twitter account to sign up, upload your song and add it to your blog. if you are using wordpress, you can install and activate DOWNLOAD MONITOR plugin.
1. monetizing
2. affiliate marketing
3. sponsored posts
4. music promotion
5. paid promotion
6. direct advertising
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  1. I just love the way you wrote this post. So indept, so concise and precise. I am researching on starting a music blog and landing here is not a waste at all. The question here is how to rank on google and compete with the big guys. Any idea on that ?

    • Thanks for dropping by James, have been compiling some articles on seo, i will notify you through email when the articles are ready.

  2. nice job bro, i really love this, looking up to starting my own music website too.. but it will be for indians… thanks bro.


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