Yes!! No more hard time for story writing  again!!! This another edition of Gurusblend Tutorials will help Authors alot…

My name is Tolu Owoeye, Am a Blogger and also a story writer, though my stories aren’t that popular but am still making cool cash from them based on number of readers. well am here to teach all my fellow writers how am doing mine.
Though the fact remains that if you are an Author or a story writer, you have to create fame for yourself, be it physical or on social media, you can start writing your story alongside creating fame for yourself, You just written a nice story, the question is: will you release the story for free? i Guess that’s where the real problem is.
What to do?
On your social media page, be it facebook, twitter or your Blog, post the story once in a while, don’t forget to add price tag, let them know the story is available for purchase, as time goes on, you will see some loyal followers who will be longing for your story, they will be asking you for price, off you go!!! ??
To make some cool cash while doing that, sell the story to story blogs out their, let me give you some sites
create an account using your email address or sign up using your facebook account, just add your story, give it a tiltle, then add your price… Don’t forget to direct people to the story link, always attach it to your social media accounts.2.try,, google search for more sites,Start Enjoying!!!!

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