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Nowadays, getting visitors is not easy for Bloggers, their are many ways of advertising your website, though it’s costly, you can advertise your Blog posts, you can create a Banner, But all is on one thing, and that is money.
With this, am hereby introducing a free advertising company, where you can advertise your website for free, Named ADBLABLA, Firstly let’s see how ADBLABLA works…
Adblabla is a free advertising company where Bloggers swap Ads, your Banner will show on my Blog and mine will show on yours. as ADBLABLA’s motto ‘Let’s Swap Ads’ Bloggers swap ads, below is an example of ADBLABLA Ad:
Their are two forms of advertising on Ablabla
1. advertise your Blog or website generally
2. advertise your Blog posts
you can advertise your Blog posts By adding other blog posts from adblabla to your website, the same goes with the advertise your blog generally
here is the screenshot of my report on Adblabla for the past 7 days:
So, Adblabla is simply a swaping ad site, as you can see, i have placement, and also ad, placement impression, Ad impression, my credits, credits earned and credits spent.
Note: the credit is the amount you earned and the amount you spend on adblabla, the credit is not what you can collect, other blog advert will show on your Blog, the impression will start counting, and your ad banner will show on other Blogs, when you exhaust your credits earned, your ad will stop showing on other blogs until you have credits again, Guess you understand what am saying?
Now here is how to start promoting your site on ADBLABLA, visit their official website adblabla.com or click here, after that sign up, to reduce too much effort, sign up with Facebook, click on log in with Facebook.
This how your Dashboard will look like:
From the Placement, you can get Ad code That you will paste on your site, and on the My Ads, you will submit your Banner.
To center the Banner on your website, Add the code below:

Gurusblend Sample code

click on save, you are done…..
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