Hello, welcome back to my tutorial, First Time? You are highly welcome! my name is Tolu Owoeye, You might have been trying to add sponsored posts to your Blog to maximize your earnings, am here to give you one..

What is Sponsored Posts?
Sponsored posts are series of posts added to your Blog by an advertising company. I really don’t know the best paying company between Taboola, mgid and content.ad.
But if you are a newbie blogger, i will advice you never to try this three because you will surely be diappprove. Reason is that they don’t produce sponsored posts to site that does not have at least 3,000 page views per day. I bet it, you can’t meet their demand.
I recommend you to try this one:
 Adnow.com is another best paying sponsored posts site i can figure out for low traffic blog/website.
if you have a custom domain address, and have a good blog design, approval is 90% sure.
What to do?
Just visit their official website,click on publisher account, sign up, confirm your account on your email. create your sponsored posts, select number of posts you want, select height, select width and save. that is it. Enjoy.
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