This portable companion is designed to give you a step by step guide
on how to start importing from a secret website, at a very cheap rate
(at wholesale price) and selling for gain of up to 200%. This handy
guide will teach you how to make a successful purchase from the site
without an online payment processor like paypal or payza, i.e. paying
directly from your bank account, and how to navigate around the site
to shop for the best bargain goods. On very rare occasion has there
been any issue of wrong delivery, or delivery of faulty goods, but if it
ever happens, the contents of this book will teach you how to get
your money back within 4days or make a repurchase with the money
from another seller.
These is a simple risk free manual on how to be your own boss and
earn a good living.

    Commerce is a process of buying and selling of goods or product.
    Meanwhile e-commerce means electronic-commerce that is buying and selling via internet whereby both parties (buyer/seller) transact with necessary mode of payment in form of any accepted mode e.g. credit/debit card, money transfer, bank transfer, E-currencies and others.
    Nigerians are somehow being sceptical to make viable transaction online in the areas of E-commerce, due to questions like:
  • “How will I pay for the goods/products?”
  • “Is the manufacturer/seller not going to defraud/scam me after he/she receive the payment”
  • “How I my going to get products delivered to me”

After these write up, you’ll be able to transact online in the area of ecommerce and get your brand new mini laptop cheaply for below N16, 000 from the manufacturers.
E-commerce Web Portals: It is an online platform to access and assess the products/ goods being displayed or advertised by the seller, supplier, producer, manufacturer for the purpose of selling the product to the online populace/users and get the products delivered to their address within stipulated days after the payment being contributed or received.

This is one of the safest e-commerce platform/web portals that has 95% security for transaction and offers cheap and affordable products.
Aliexpress is an e-commerce organization based in mainland in Asia countries. It serves as the middlemen between the buyer (you) and the seller (manufacturer/seller) in order to maintain clean transactions from both parties. It protects the buyer (you) not to be scammed/defraud by the supplier (seller) as well as the buyer not to make fake payment to order or buy the products.

PRACTICAL TERMS: Aliexpress has a platform for the buyers and sellers to meet and carry out transaction on a clean record and it performs this by displaying the products in their platforms for a certain period of time, the buyers search the products, then view the necessary product details, click on BUY NOW, input the address you want the product to be delivered to and make payment, then instruct the seller to send the product delivered to your address and then after the product is up to your satisfaction and up to the details specified, you can then release the payment to the seller from the aliexpress platform for as low as one unit ranging from consumer product to industrial products e.g. mobile phones, electronics, laptops, wears, bags, and others.

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How To Get Cheap Products

Step1: Visit:

Step2: Register to become a member by clicking Join Free. It’s free

Create your account by filling the simple registration form.

step3: search and locate the products you want to buy/order.

1) You can search the product by using search bar on top of the by just typing the products name and click on search e.g. laptop, DVD, hard drive, flash drive, laptop battery.

2) You can also search by using left hand side categories board which ranges from A-Z.

After search and going through various product you come across under your key word product search e.g. laptop, click on the product name or picture to check the product details if it is up to your own interest or satisfaction, if it’s not up to your satisfaction, keep searching.

View the Item specifics by scrolling down the page

Shipping Options
Paid shipping: By picking the product, aliexpress server will automatically calculate the shipping cost to your countries and add it with the product cost, the total cost will be the amount to be paid.
This shipping option has and expected delivery date range of 4-8 days or 7-20 days according to the shipping company selected.

Free shipping – By selecting the free shipping feature, you get products with free shipping option displayed even by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the page of the website you will notice FREE SHIPPING categories, it may takes 15-60 days to get the products delivered to you wherever you are, it is secured and it is highly preferable in order to reduce the total cost of the products.

Step 4: make payment for the products you pick.
The only form of payment option available in Nigeria that is accepted at aliexpress is master card or Visa Card through a secure payment processor which is referred to as escrow make sure that the fund in your master/visa card is enough to pay for the total cost of a product or else your order will not take effect.
You can simply make the order for a product you pick and after considering the cost or total Cost, click Buy Now then follow the processes to order the products.

Step 5: make the order/Buy New
By clicking on Buy-Now, input your real and functioning house or office address that is the Address the UPS, DHL, or any other courier that is going to deliver the product will possess in their database and you’ll get it deliver to you ASAP.
Make payment by inputting your master card/Visa card details- pin, CCV, card no and other details then be expecting your product.

Processing time: it is the time that is meant for the seller, supplier, and producer to package the product and take it to the courier service you pick at initial stage which ranges from 3-5 days.

Delivery time: it is time meant for the delivery company or Courier you chose to deliver the product to your address. It depends on the courier company which could be ranged from 4-8 days as the delivery period and it will get to town here in Nigeria, your house address.
Transport companies are UPS, FEDEX, EMS, DHL, TNT and others that enable door to door delivery of a product worldwide within 4-8 days ultimatum.

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Zip code for Nigeria is 234 while the postal code varies from city to city. For example, Lagos is 01, Ibadan-02, Osogbo-035, Akure- 034(Check Google for other cities) Therefore, the Zip/Postal column will be written as “23401” for Lagos, “23402” for Ibadan, “234035” for Osogbo, etc.

Enter your card details. Card number is the 16-digits number on your Master/Visa card while Security code/CVV is the 3-digit code written on the back of your card.
How to Hold the Products
Note: If at a certain period you are interested in certain product, but you have not yet decided to buy or order it, just log in as a member with your username and password and click Add to Cart, then the products will be stored in your account for future references.

Why Aliexpress?
Aliexpress only enables you to release the payment to the seller after you have received the product, then confirm it status if it is equal to the details or configuration the seller indicated online and you are satisfied, then you can now release the payment to the seller from aliexpress platform as a result of their platform through this measure.

TRACKING: The seller/supplier will release or send the tracking code to your email or aliexpress account and other details to clear the goods from the courier as the owner or buyer in which you can use the code to know and understand the status of the product or where about, by imputing the tracking code into the particular courier company website.

This option is rarely used due to the safe system that has been put in place by the site to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for, but if for any reason you need to ask for a refund then you press the dispute order button.

How to make millions from this importation business.
Option 1: it is by simply using your own cash to buy products from aliexpress at low or cheap prices and sell it for higher prices for profit as soon as possible e.g. at some strategic places even without shops example of places are campuses, offices of civil servants, local government due to the fairness in price of the product you are selling to them.
Option 2: it is simply by letting the people trust you and they will give you the cash down and you order on their own behalf whereby the source to compensate your effort is by service charge which can be like 25% of the product value or cost. Even you can start with this process without much start up cash to invest in buying and selling.

Other importation websites available are,, etc

This piece of information is useless if you don’t put to practice all that you have learnt from this book. Endeavour to take a positive step and you will be glad you did. It has worked for others, you can’t be an exception.


  1. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I
    find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand.

    It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!


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