Nigerian economy is so bad, because of this, many Nigerians are finding their way out of the country.
With the way people are trying to migrate to foreign countries, some fraudsters have used this as an opportunity dupe, collect money from them and at the end, they will be left stranded. Travel agencies are also doing their own part, collecting huge sum of money from their clients. with this am presenting this article to you, after you’ve finished reading this article, you will be able to process United States Visa by yourself, set interview date, you will be able to select an interview location that is not far from your location.

STEP 1: visit, do not put “www” parameter.

STEP 2: click on non-immigrant application

STEP 3: select Nigeria as your location

STEP 4: fill the captcha form, make sure letters or numbers you entered is relevant with the one you were shown. this is used just to test if you are an human being or robot.

STEP 5: start an application.

STEP 6: take note of the application ID you were given, keep it safe, it will be much better if you save it to 2 or more places.

STEP 7: answer all the security questions, make sure the answers you gave to the questions are correct, you might be asked the same questions during interview.

STEP 8: click on continue.

STEP 9: fill your personal informations.
NOTE: Does not imply on any information you have.

STEP 10: click on save, then click on next.

STEP 11: fill form till the YES/NO Questions. please take note of the answers you picked, you can basically jot it down.

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STEP 12: invitation letter from who you want to visit, if you don’t have, this will cost you an additional payment.

click on submit and save, if payment is required, make the payment and print all documents.

On the next article on US visa processing, the article will cover HOW TO SHEDULE INTERVIEW.


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