I guess i shouldn’t be telling you that Google Adsense is the best monetization program for Bloggers and website owners.

I already made a post on how to sign up for Google adsense, if you would like to read, click here. The competition on getting Adsense approval is high which makes approvals very strict.

Google’s policy is something else, you must do somethings before getting an approved account. no matter what some bloggers do, Adsense will still manage to deny their application. with this am providing this article to all bloggers who are struggling to get an approved adsense account. After reading this article, you should be able to get an approved adsense account as much as you want, here are some things you will learn in this article:

  • How to know if your blog qualified for Adsense.
  • countries you can use for fast approval.
  • how to get more than 20 adsense account with just one blog.
  • how to get approval on a blog without traffic.
  • how to get adsense approval within 24hrs of sign up.

When i started blogging, all what i want is to get an approved adsense account running ads on my blog, since i heard google pays well and the payment is in dollars, i was like wow. the next step i took was to register for an adsense account, i don’t even understand any thing about their policy and requirements for getting approval. I signed up the first time, my application was disapproved, i signed up the second time, still the same, for more than 25 times i keep getting the same response until i initially gave up. if i don’t get an insufficient content as reason for disapproving from no-reply@google, i will receive an 18 plus content and many more. I bought a UK adsense account for 15k from an internet marketer. i started running ads on my blog but the adsense account was banned, i felt so bad and i thought some people from my village are following me around.. LOL..

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Without too much explanations, you already know what being desperate to get an approved adsense account can cause you to do. let’s learn ways to get an adsense account approved….

How to know if your blog qualified for adsense approval: It is not a must to have thousands of posts on your blog before you get their approval, all what you need is unique content. If you are running an entertainment blog, it might be a little bit difficult to get approval. all what entertainment bloggers do is to copy and paste posts. don’t worry, i can help you, you can send me a message on my facebook account, and request for 1,500 posts that can get you adsense approval at first signup, many bloggers have used this posts and shared their testimony. it’s free just send me a message on Facebook, i will reply you within 12hrs.

Update: Get my 1,500 posts File here

Countries you can use for fast approval: Getting an approved Nigerian Adsense account is not easy, their policies for Nigerians are very strict, i don’t know why. However, you can sign up for adsense account with countries like United Kingdom and United States. Those countries has low requirements for approval, i will explain in another post how to sign up for a uk or us adsense account, but for now let me do the summary, when signing up, select united states or United kingdom as you country, use an English name, and make sure your email correspond with the adsense account you are signing up for, with all this you are good to go.

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How to get more than 20 adsense account with just 1 blog: Though Google said that an individual should not have more than 1 adsense account, However, they did not said you should not sign up for adsense account as much as you want. after getting approval with one blog, repeat step 2, and sign up again, you will surely get approval. But don’t forget that your domain name must be a month old. you can get a free domain from freenom.com

How to get approval on a blog without traffic: Google doesn’t require traffic a must for approval. Am a living testimony of that, i do get adsense approval on a blog without traffic, so traffic is not a must, but one thing i know of is that, traffic determines quick approval, if you have no traffic, your approval might be slow, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get approval.

Update: Get my 1,500 posts File here

How to get approval within 24hrs of application: Only Nigerian adsense usually takes more than 3 days, if you are applying for adsense account with the countries above and your traffic is good, approval should not be more than 24hrs.

with all the above steps, am very sure you will get your approval, please let me know if the above tricks work for you..

Looking forward to more articles on Adsense approval tricks, How to increase CPC and many more Adsense related articles.


  1. well, I came back to give my testimony. Adsense fall on me too tonight. I can’t believe Adsense approval is that simple. After many months of struggling to get approval. I finally got one tonight..

  2. Well. I will give this a trial, maybe this will put an end to my struggle, have read lot of articles on Adsense approval. None of them worked for me. Let me try this.

  3. Thanks boss, I also got UK and US at the same time, no wonder why you see bloggers bragging of Adsense approvals and putting up UK or US adsense for sale. Thanks a lot. At least I now have an Adsense account running ads on my blog.. So Xo Happy ???? thanks Tolu… You are the BOSS.

  4. This is is a great article, I recommended this to my friends, I got approval today, thanks for sharing this piece with us.


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