This problem usually happens when device driver programs file is mistakenly deleted or the hard disk was no where to be found, thus making the system unable to locate device driver which will result to system unable to boot.

How To Solve This Error:
Their are many different methods to fix this error. The most working method is to remove the hard disk and re-insert.

To this, you will need repair tools with screw drivers, you will use the screw driver to remove all screws on the computer, make sure you’ve removed the backup battery. Upon doing that, remove the back cover of the laptop, if it’s a desktop computer, all repairs will be on the cpu, do not touch the monitor.

After removing the back cover, locate the hard disk, it is always at one of the four corners of the laptop or cpu. if the hard disk was removed, insert it back and boot the laptop.

Why will the hard disk be removed when the cover is not opened? this usually happens when the laptop was shaken throughly or it accidentally fell down.

Cover it back and tight the screws, check the computer if it worked properly. if it didn’t, then you have to apply the second method.

If after applying the first method, it did not work, then the error could have been caused by deleted driver files. what you have to do now is to make sure another driver files is added back.

Things You Need:

  • A flash drive or a memory card with card reader.
  • Make sure their is enough power on the computer.
  • Get an installation disk for for the windows you will like to use be it: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and so on.
  • Make sure you know the name, manufacturer and product name of the computer.
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Download device driver of your computer, locate it through the manufacturer name and product number.

After downloading the device driver, copy it to the flash driver or memory card, then insert the memory card into the card reader. When booting the computer, select the flash driver device name and boot the computer with it. After successfuly booting the computer, copy the device driver files to the local disk. Now reboot the computer, this time around select the driver file location on the local disk, then boot the computer through the file.

To stop the computer from asking you to select bbot device option, then you will need to format the computer. In another article, How to format a laptop or desktop computer will be discussed.


  1. Thanks, it worked, you are a God sent, I can’t find a fix for this error on the internet even on google, you just put an end to my suffering. First method worked for me..

  2. My laptop fell down, my younger brother didn’t tell me. I didn’t have cash on me, I took it to the engineer he said he will collect 5k, I took it back home. I searched the internet. I can’t find a solution. I saw your link on Facebook. I applied the first method and it worked. The hard disk has removed. I inserted it back and it work.. Thanks so much

  3. Thanks, have been battling with this for a very long time, I will took it to an engineer shop, will repair and it will still do the same after 4 to 5 days. I just abandoned at at home. I was surfing on the internet when I came across this article. The first method worked for me too.. I should compensate you for this. Check your email, I will give you some payoneer funds..


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