Youtube is the biggest online videos website. With different types of videos and categories, the monetization program for youtubers and Vloggers makes it stand out and unique.

Many youtubers are complaining of not being able to download videos they saw on youtube. Though, their are billions of videos on youtube, the watch only button without Download button makes it boring sometimes. Viewers and Subscribers watch videos with their data instead of downloading the videos and enjoying it offline.

Advantage of downloading videos to your device is that, you can watch the videos anytime you want without connecting to the internet. You can also share those videos with your friends and families using free file sharing apps on mobile devices.

But youtube didn’t give room for that, you can only watch videos on youtube, if you need it again, you will visit youtube and watch the videos again, thus exhausting your data bundle. Nigerian’s economy is bad, no free wi-fi, to connect to the internet, you will have to purchase internet data which is somehow costly.

With all this, we should find a solution to this problem, in this article, how to download youtube videos easily on PC will be discussed. Later on, we will discuss how to download youtube videos on mobile devices.

For some years now, have been making use of a free browser extension. The extension was owned and designed by Save From. this extension will be installed on your computer and it will start working on all browsers.

Immediately the extension is working, once you are on youtube, or any where on the internet. any video you came across, either it is from twitter or Instagram or youtube, the extension will automatically add a Download button to the videos, you will also be available to select the video quality you want.

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To download the extension visit the extension website, click here.


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