New things are popping out everyday. I don’t know why bloggers are moving their website away from blogger, all i know is that, Shortly after Linda Ikeji moved to an unknown platform and Jide Ogunsanya moved to wordpress, many bloggers are also moving to wordpress.

Since moving from Blogger to WordPress is trending now and in vogue, i guess you might want to move your website too. you don’t have an idea? then continue reading this.

For some bloggers, moving their website to wordpress is not the problem, the major problem they have is how to copy thousands of posts they have on blogger to their new wordpress website so that their site won’t look new, copying of comments, will they have to start typing comments?

You can move all your blogger contents including posts, images, pages, labels and comments in one click. How to do that will be discussed in this article.

To move your website to wordpress, you should have done somethings e.g: Purchasing a web hosting and pointing your domain DNS to your hosting. That is adding nameservers of your hosting platform to your domain dashboard.

Nameservers usually looks like this:





the above are example of nameservers, you can google search for your hosting nameservers. This are the vital informations you will add to your domain DNS dashboard, change your blogger url back to the subdomain you created the blog with before adding a custom domain url. If you don’t change it, your domain will still be pointing to your blogger blog, you will have to avoid all sorts of connections with your blogger.

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After that, go to settingsother. You will see two buttons, one for import, the other for backup content. click on the backup button, it will start a download, the downloaded file is an XML file. Take note of the file name, it usually starts with blog then followed by some numbers and ended with .xml.

To Install wordpress on your domain, click here to read the article, now press the back button to come back to this article.

After installing the theme you want, and you have customized the theme and you are satisfied with the design, then you have to add your posts to it. First thing to do is to delete the default wordpress posts, which is the hello world, the posts is useless, so just delete it.

After doing all this, your blog is ready for your posts, visit tools on your wordpress dashboard, click on Import, then click on Blogger, install and open the setup. you will see space and instructions on how to install the posts, add the XML file to the space and install, wait for some seconds.

After all this, all your blogger contents will be moved to wordpress including posts, images, comments and labels. Check your blog and see if the posts is installed correctly. if it’s right, now is the time to convert some labels to categories, and some labels to tags. If you are offering entertainment on blogger, you will have some labels that supposed to be used as categories, e.g: entertainment, music, videos, news and more are labels on blogger but all this are categories on wordpress, linda ikeji, tolu owoeye, nigerian police, olamide wizkid and many more names are also labels on blogger but they are tags on wordpress.

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To convert labels to categories and tags, click on tools, click on available tools, click on categories to tags converter, immediately all labels are added to wordpress, they will automatically be added to categries, so it’s your duty to differentiate between a category and a tag as wordpress cannot recognize the difference itself. upon clicking on the categories to tags converter, you will see all the labels, click on the ones that cannot be used as categories, click on the box at the right side, after marking all, click on change categories to tags, wait for some seconds, you are done.

Now start rocking your new wordpress website. i hope this article has helped you alot, please share with friends. if you also moved your blogger website to wordpress recently, please let’s know your encounter and all troubleshootings you have and how you solved the problem. if their is none, then let’s be happy…



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