It’s not necessary for a computer to be formatted, but their are some cases where the best alternative is to format the computer. This usually happens when a computer was infected with virus, when some parts malfunctioned.

When the best alternative is to format, computer owners usually take their computers to repair shops, since the owner of the repair shop is a human being like you, then it means it’s something you can do. In this article, how to format a computer will be discussed.

Before formatting your computer, you might need to backup some files, you can’t do without having some vital information and documents on your computer, loosing those files will surely make you uncomfortable. So you will have to backup those files, either by saving it on a flash drive or a memory card.

Your windows CD must be available, either windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 or vista. After all this is ready, you are good to go.

STEP 1: Start your computer, after the computer has boot correctly, insert the windows disk into the CD drive slot, make sure the CD Drive is working properly.

STEP 2: Restart the computer, when restarting, you should not allow windows to start, you need to enter into the BIOS setup, to enter into this page, you will need to press one of this buttons on your keyboard: F2, F10, F11 and or F12.

Note: pressing one of the buttons above does not mean that you should just press any one you want out of the buttons, manufacturers of computers are different, so their functions will never be the same, on my HP COMPUTER, the F11 button is the only button that can take me to the BIOS setup, on some other computers it could be F2 or any of the alphanumeric above, so it is up to you to find out the one that can take you into the BIOS setup.

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STEP 3: On getting to the BIOS setup, you will be asked which booting method you want, click on CD drive , then click on OK.

Note: when you are asked of booting method, this is the method in which the computer will be booted on.

STEP 4: After clicking on the CD drive, the CD rom will started rolling, it is so simple to know if it’s rolling because you will be hearing the sound.

STEP 5: The Setup for the windows you want to use will load which will bring the installation page. On getting to the installation page, you will add some details which the computer will base on.

STEP 6: After that, allow the installation to proceed, it will start counting from 1% to 100% about 3 to 5 times, one of the process is the most longer process because it may took some time, so make sure you have enough power on your computer.

STEP 7: After the installation is completed, add username for the computer, set partition, the partition could be A or B, so first click on the A, if it was rejected click on the second partition.

STEP 8: After that add the password you want to use, click on the link that says you should remove all files on the computer under the partition setup.

STEP 9: Complete the installation, the computer will boot correctly, with some several files and programs. Though you won’t see the previous files you have, everything will be deleted already, Start installing some new programs, make sure the programs are virus free, this can lead you to formatting the computer again.

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So next time, be careful of the files and programs you are installing, If possible you can install AVAST ANTIVIRUS, this antivirus will protect your computer against malware and virus.



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