Payoneer is an online platform where you can transfer and receive funds, the funds is usually in $$.

What makes Payoneer one of the best funds website is the ability to withdraw cash anywhere you are in your country using the ATM.

Getting Payoneer Mastercard is compulsory for all Payoneer users, though the cards will be shipped from the United States to your country, some Nigerians are still finding it difficult to receive payoneer mastercard at the exact location they filled in during the registration. In this article, How to easily receive payoneer mastercard anywhere you are in Nigeria will be discussed.

Though people usually register on payoneer with their house address, since payoneer mastercard was being shipped from foreign country, their agents may not know all locations in this country. So, let’s use one of the best tactics i used to get my cards.

Visit their official website to register for an account, click here. When you register for an account, your application will be reviewed, if your application is approved, you will get their reply. After your application is approved, you are free to select a location where you will get your card.

After you’ve registered for a payoneer account, and your account is approved, you can start transacting on your account without the mastercard. Nigerians usually don’t withdraw from the ATM due to the charges, you can be charged $10 for withdrawing once from your account, that’s too much. that’s why many Nigerians prefer selling their funds at their own rate.

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With the above reason, the card is practically useless, but since the card is compulsory and you can use it when you want to transact online that’s why this article will cover reasons why you may not receive your card at the expected delivery time, what you can do to solve this issue and how to easily receive the mastercard anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Reasons why you may not receive the card are:
1. Wrong address
2. wrong zip or postal code
3. Incomplete contact details

If you want to receive the card, you should do something to the above reasons, so when registering make sure the address you are using is correct and accurate. don’t forget the postal code of your area, this is the most important part of it all. even if your contact details is completed and your address is correct, if your postal code is wrong then you won’t receive the card.

Their are two methods you can use to receive the card, first is paying the shipping fee. To get the card through paid shipping, you will have to use Payoneer’s trusted shipping company which is DHL, the shipping fee is usually not more than $60, and this fee will be deducted from your payoneer account.

Since the account is a new one and was just created, you can buy funds from individuals, their are many internet marketers that do sell payoneer funds, contact one of them, be careful when dealing with them so as not to be scammed.

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After paying for the shipping fee, DHL will find one way or the other to make sure you get the card, they will contact you, you can even go to their nearest office that is close to your house to collect your parsel.

The second method is natural, no fee is included, but you might have to settle some people, so it’s a little bit stressful. you will need to go to the nearest post office, make friends with the workers, tell them the problems you have, you will surely find two or three people that will be willing to help.

Just get the postal code of the post office and address from the workers, fill your contact details and delivery address, the address you got from the post office workers will be used. make sure you are going to the post office more frequently, and when you are going there don’t forget to bring something for them, this will cheer them up to help, get their phone numbers, always call them to know if the card has arrived. After you’ve gotten the card, don’t forget to thank them and appreciate their effort, the advantage of using this method is that it will give you opportunity to receive more goods through them, you can start importation business and start collecting your imported goods through the post office workers.

Here we are, the two methods are stated above, it’s your choice to choose which one will be much more convenient for you.


  1. Best tips, I think my brother should make use of this, please someone tell me how many days he’s gonna wait before the card gets to him

    • Payoneer mastercard is a debit card that looks just like your atm card, you can also use it to withdraw from an ATMachine, difference between payoneer and other cards issued from banks is that, you got it online, and its funds is an online based funds, hope am clear?


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