On my last article on Google Adsense, i made mention of latest tricks Bloggers and webmasters are using to get approval. I also made mention of signing up for U.K or U.S adsense account while in Nigeria. Getting approvals for Nigerian Adsense is hard, so many internet marketers are making use of the most easiest countries which is U.K or U.S. In this article, How to sign up for foreign countries, most especially U.K and U.S Google Adsense will be discussed.

Before signing up for Adsense, you need to check your Blog, you should check for what you might be doing wrong that will hinder you from getting approval, make sure you followed every single steps i mentioned in the Latest Google Adsense Approval Tricks For 2017 Article.

After all this is done, the next step is to sign up for an account, this demo video will show you how to sign up for U.K Adsense in Nigeria, though the video is for U.K adsense sign up, the same method can be used for U.S and other countries.

If you are unable to watch the demo video or you don’t like the video, please continue reading below:

When signing up, make sure you are not making any mistake when selecting your country, if you have VPN enabled on your computer, make sure the vpn proxy i.d is pointing to the country you want to sign up, if you don’t have VPN enabled, just change the country from Nigeria to U.K or U.S.

When filling your phone number, the country code will automatically change to the country you selected, so don’t panic, just change the country code to Nigeria which is +234, this is easy to know, you yourself know Nigeria Flag color. This shouldn’t be a new thing to you.

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After changing the country code to Nigeria, type your phone number, make sure the phone in which the number is is switched on. Put the phone beside you.

click on verify number, select Text Message, then Submit. You will receive a text message from Google that contains Six Digit Code, type the digits and submit.

Copy the HTML code and paste it on your website, go back to Your Adsense dashboard, and finish everything. After that, always check your email, this shouldn’t be less than 10-12 hrs.

After doing all this, you should be able to receive a congratulation message from no-reply, it will look like this:

Note: Make sure you are signing up with a new gmail address, the country on the gmail address should also be the same with the adsense account. In short, all details must correspond with each other.

If you’ve used other alternatives to sign up for an Adsense account, please let us know at the comment section, if you are also facing difficulties during registration, don’t hesitate to type it out, your issue might probably get a solution. Keep Rocking!!


  1. Jeez!! So, nothing more than this? And a guy collected 2k just to do it for me, claiming that he sent it to his friends in UK. Thanks Tolu, God will continue to Bless you, more £$ into your account by God’s grace. Am so envious of you..


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