Cards being rejected during online transactions can make some one want to go crazy. Am a living testimony of that. Some days ago, i wanted to renew one of my domain names. I felt so depressed when my GTBank mastercard was rejected by Godaddy.

What makes me sad the more was that the same card was used last year October to purchase the domain name, i used up to 4 cards, all was rejected. I performed the transactions on Safari Browser on my IPhone.

I suffered before knowing what i was doing wrong, but i later got the solution. To stop this from happening to other Bloggers, Webmasters and Digital Marketers, i decided to publish this article. In this article, Reasons why mastercards may be rejected during online transactions and the solutions to the problems will be discussed.

1. When your Mastercard is not yet activated: One of the reasons why cards may be rejected during transactions is when the cards are not yet activated, i guess you should know what i mean. When a Mastercard is not yet activated, it is considered an Invalid card. Every mastercard needs to be activated, if you collected yours from your Bank, you must activate it before leaving the Bank premises, you will at the same time be asked to enter the pin of your choice.

Mastercard not yet activated error are usually not for cards that were gotten from Banks. Perhaps, if you are using Mastercard that was shipped to you, e.g Payoneer mastercard. You must activate the card by logging into your account dashboard, that’s when you will type the pin of your choice and some other digits on the cards for security purpose. Furthermore, Cards that are not yet activated are obviously new cards. So, if you have been using your cards before, then this is surely not for you.

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2. When your I.P was Blacklisted: If you are 99.88% sure that your card is an activated card and your card was still rejected during transactions, then the problem is not with the card. Unfortunately, those Online stores and other sites where you can perform transactions won’t briefly say the reasons why they rejected the card, they may say “an error occurred, invalid card or transaction failed” while nothing is wrong with the card.

This can happen when your I.P Address was blacklisted, when your i.p address was blacklisted by 2 or more sites online, other sites may start blacklisting your i.p. Am not that sure of reasons why sites blacklist I.Ps, but one thing am clear of is that it is a crime related issue, i recently blacklisted up to 8 I.Ps, they tried to click bomb my AdSense, so they were blacklisted. Later on, i will write articles on I.Ps and why they may be blacklisted, but for now, let’s continue on this topic.

If your I.P was blacklisted you won’t be able to perform any transaction on the site, they basically termed you as a criminal. What you can do in that kind of situation is to change your I.P address or use another device. If you change your I.P, the transaction will go smoothly, you can make use of VPN service otherwise, use another device, if you use another device, you have automatically bi-passed the blacklisted i.p.

3. When you are using an unsupported Browser: One of the reasons why cards may be rejected during transactions is using of unsupported browser. Some browsers are not well recognized, so if your browser is one of those then you are at greater disadvantage to making a successful transaction. Though their are many Browsers, i can only recommend Google Chrome. I can simply say it’s the best. If you don’t have, go and get it and lead your way to performing successful transactions.

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4. Your Device: Which device are you using? if you are performing transactions on some device, probability is high that the transactions will not be successful. P2 L3 of this article **P means Paragraph while L means Line**, i made mention of Safari browser and iphone, that’s what made me suffered the more, due to how iphone was well recognized, it should be able to perform those kind of transactions successfully.

So, when you want to perform transaction, use your Notebook computer, Laptop Computer or Your Desktop computer, that won’t make you suffer.

After reading this article, please tell us if you are able to perform a successful transaction, don’t forget to tell us the step number you used that worked for you at the comment section. If you’ve encountered the same problem before and you found a solution, and you are quite sure that the solution is not listed here, please don’t forget to let us know at the comment section. Your Feedback will be highly appreciated.


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