As a Blogger, focusing on content creation should be the main priority. Also, when working on web design, logo is very important, it speaks a lot about your blog, your content and and how professional you are.

Making premium logos this days requires help of graphic designers, getting a graphic designer to help is all on one thing and that’s money. If you don’t have money, then it’s impossible to make a premium logo. Before we proceed, let’s check out main components of logos.

When making logos, you should think of what your blog looks like, your niche and the logo that will fit, the color and texture of your blog, uniqueness and transparency, all this should be carry out by a professional graphic designer, Gurusblend Logo has a lot of this. However let’s discuss how i came out with the design. In this article, how to make premium logos for free will be discussed.

1. Working Internet connection
2. Corel Draw
3. Adobe Photoshop

STEP 1: visit to make a premium logo

Making logos on logomaker is not for free, at the end of your design, you will be asked to order for the logo,since the logo is not for free,you will need to capture the logo. Doing this will make the logo a jpeg image, which means it’s not yet ready for use.

Note: their is difference between JPEG and PNG image, a PNG image is what you need, a PNG image has no background, the background is what you need to remove.

STEP 2: Open your Corel Draw, drag the image their and position it well, add some words you want. now press ctrl + E to export it out and save it as jpeg image.

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Note: If you feel adding more words is not necessary, all what you need is their already, then you can skip STEP 2.

STEP 3: Open your Adobe Photoshop, drag the image in, remove the background with the photo editing tools their, you can make use of the magic wand tool and other tools. after that save as PNG file.

After all this, check the image again, you can place it on a red or blue pattern to make sure the white background had disappeared, if everything is okay, then start rocking.

If you’ve also made premium logos for free using another method, please let us know at the comment section, it will be our pleasure to receive more methods from you. If you are facing problems making logos using the method stated above, please don’t hesitate to let us know, we will be very glad to find a solution to problems, see you later..



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