This is somewhat like a graphics work. Sure, we can call it one. This is the perfect example for the saying: Not all graphic works is done by graphic designers. Yes, but you as a non professional doing just a single design with great features can turn you into a professional even though you have no knowledge of designing. I started as a non professional, but what can you call me now? I don’t even have corel draw and photoshop on my computer system, i still come out with perfect designs.

Back to the topic, i have inserted many videos into different containers, this makes it look like the video is playing on a TV.

Many have searched all over the internet, they need the best article that explains the topic best. To insert videos in tv containers, all you need is just your internet connection. In this article, how to insert youtube videos in tv containers will be discussed.

To insert youtube videos in TV containers, please watch the video below:

If you are unable to watch the video or you don’t like the video, please continue reading.

STEP 1: Visit to download free TV containers, just search for Television using the search box.

STEP 2: Visit to insert your videos into the tv containers.

Note: Bannersnack’s free account is limited, their are some things you may not be allowed to do, also the number of designs you can do is limited, so make use of the free account wisely.

STEP 3: Upon signing up for an account, click on create new, this will take you to the banners page, that’s where you will select the banner size you want, don’t panic, all size is there accordingly.

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STEP 4: On getting to the editor page, make sure you start from blank, no image should be on the space. but if you want a finest design, you can add an image as the cover image, the tv could be placed on it just like this article’s featured image [the image at the beginning of this article].

Click on Add Image to add your tv container, insert the tv container png file and open, check the image below for better understanding:

Adjust the size of the tv container to your liking, then fill the tv container with a youtube video. click on the 3 dotted lines at the end of the list at the left hand side, this will bring up the add video and embed video icon.

Note: the add video is free while the embed is for premium users, because you are a free user, you will make use of the add video. see the image below for better understanding.

The part in circle is the part where you will insert your video, drag it to the tv and make sure you fill the tv screen with it, see the image below.

Now is the time to make your video show on the dark screen, go to your youtube channel, copy the url of the video you want to use by right clicking your mouse, then click on copy video url right on the video.

Back to your editor page, click on the gear button beside the add video editor, it is at the left hand side of the add video editor, it’s easy to locate. you will see a youtube video url that looks just like the one you copied from youtube, delete it and replace with the url you copied. see the image below:

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Immediately after this, the tv will start showing the youtube video, you can click on the gear icon again, then click on autoplay if you want the video to be playing by itself. After all this, save your project, then copy the html code, don’t forget to click on iFrame to enable this to work on all browser, copy the code, paste it where you want and save, then view and see the new magic, check out the image below for how to copy the javascript code.

Boom, you just finished a project, did you find this article helpful? please don’t forget to drop your feedback at the comment section, if you’ve done this kind of project before using other methods, please let us know using the comment box. If you are having difficulties doing this after reading this article, don’t forget to let us know, you might be doing one or two things wrong. Keep rocking!!



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