In 2016, Google made Page-Level Ads available for Blogspot users. With this development, it’s been a year now, many still don’t know how to add page level ads to their website. In this article, what page level ads is, importance of page level ads, how to add page level ads to a blogspot website will be discussed.

Importance of Page Level Ads:
1. It provides better user experience.
2. It doesn’t count against 3 ad limit which makes it easy to comply with Google’s policies.
3. It increases revenues.
4. It is optimized and responsive to mobile devices.
5. It has two formats in which you can select anyone you want or use both.

The two formats available are Vignettes which are full screen ads and Anchors which are placed at the bottom of the screen.

How To Add Page Level Ads To Blogspot Website:

Log in to your Adsense account, create a new ad unit and switch on the toggle buttons for Anchor/Overlay ads and Vignettes.

Scroll down and click on the Get Code button.

Copy the code, you can save it to your word pad or notepad.

Go to your Blogger dashboard, click on template and backup your template in case things go wrong.

Click on Edit Html, in the page that follows, press ctrl+F on your keyboard, the search box will be shown at the top, type </head> and click the enter button, you will see </head> colored differently.

Paste the page level ad code you copied above the </head> tag.

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If you click on save, it might not save, marking the page level ad code as incorrect, what you need to do is to replace async with async=”async” in order to complete the process.

When all this is done, view your blog, you must be a new visitor, which means you will use another device you haven’t logged in to your blogger account with before. If it worked correctly, then start rocking.

If you like this article, please don’t forget to share with your friends, if you are having difficulties adding page level ads to your blogspot website, don’t forget to let us know using the Comment section, we will be very glad to help you out.


  1. Great work bro, please how do I permanently add google ads to blogspot posts pages? I don’t want to be adding code when posting articles again, please any idea?


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