Having twitter followers is not easy, if you didn’t promote your twitter page, it’s not easy to get twitter followers if you are not a well known person. In this article, how to get massive twitter followers for free will be discussed.

We will be making use of follow for follow, twitter discover and hashtags. To start getting followers on twitter, you have to follow people to receive follows. When we are talking of following people, am not saying you should just follow anyone, their are some people on twitter that if you follow them, they won’t follow back, so you have to keep off from this kind of people.

When you want to follow people on twitter, you should be sensitive, if you want to follow people, don’t follow people that are having more than 20,000 followers, if you follow people that are having more than 20,000 followers, the probability that they may not follow you back is very high, so you have to keep off from this kind of people.

When you want to follow, follow the ones that have names like FFF, Follow for Follow, F FFk, Follow i Follow back and many more, they are the ones that will follow you after receiving your follow.

After you’ve gotten those people’s follow, you can unfollow them all, but before doing that, make sure all your tweets are interesting, this will engage them to your twitter page, so when you unfollow them, they won’t want to lose your interesting tweets, so they won’t unfollow you back. that’s the trick.

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Making Use Of Twitter Hashtags:
Making use of Hashtags can help you increase your followers, their are some tags that people cannot avoid on daily basis because it has become part of people’s life, so when you add hashtags to your tweets, when people search for the hashtags, your tweets will appear, they will click on your page and check what you have in there, so always make sure that their are lots of interesting tweets on your page, when they see that your page worth their follow, they will hit the follow button, that means you are dragging twitter users to your self by making use of hashtags.

Now the question is how do i find the unavoidable hashtags? you can make use of twitter discover, here are some most promising hashtags that have high search results, and they are the best hashtags being used most by twitter users.

1. #GarciniaCambogia
2. #diet
3. #vacation
4. #sandiego
5. #california
6. #jobs
7. #ca
8. #zoo
9. #spicy
10. #pizza
11. #sandiegopizza
12. #throwback
13. #tbt
14. #mcm
15. #wcw

Using the above hashtags can return you massive followers because they are the most used and the most searched tags on twitter, if someone type any of this in the search box, your page will show at the search results, from there you will keep getting high rate of followers everyday.

You can also use names of celebrities when tweeting, for example: am so happy today #wizkid #DaddyYo. Instead of mentioning wizkid in your tweet, you used his name as an hashtag, so whenever people search for wizkid on twitter, your tweet will also appear and getting followers in return.

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What are you waiting for? start making use of hashtags and follow for follow. If you’ve been using this methods on your twitter page, please let us know how effective it is by using the comment box down there. If you have been using other free methods and it is working, you can let us know through your comment, your contributions will be highly appreciated. Keep Rocking!!


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