This is another great feature worth trying, apart from the fact that it beautifies your blog, it shows your blog visitors that your blog is receiving traffic, and they are not the only ones on your site at that moment. In this article, how to add visitors counter to your wordpress or blogspot website will be discussed.

Add Visitors Counter To WordPress Website:

To add visitors counter to your wordpress website, just go to your plugins, click on add new, type visitors counter in the search box and search. install and activate the most installed plugin, set it and start using.

Add Visitors Counter To Blogspot Website:

On your Blogger dashboard, click on Layout, click on Add gadget at any area you want the counter to be appearing, Click on Html/Javascript, add the below code and save.

<!– BEGIN: Powered by –>
<center><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script type=”text/javascript”>sc_online_i(1402958,”ffffff”,”e61c1c”);</script><br /><noscript><a href=””>Free Online Counter</a></noscript>
<!– END: Powered by –>

If you are not using a customized responsive third party theme and your blog is not set to show desktop view on mobile devices, then the widget might not show on your blog when viewed with a mobile device.

Go back to your Layout, click on the edit at the space you input the code, at the pop up page, click on the web url at the address bar at the top. scroll to the last part of the url, you will see html+number, e.g html=1

Go to your template, click on edit html, now search for the html and its number by clicking ctrl+F on your keyboard, on finding this code, at the end of the code add the below code and it will start showing on your mobile device.


Boom!! that’s all. How did it goes? did you get it? if yes let us know through your comment, also if you encountered any problem, do not hesitate to type it out. Keep Rocking!!

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