One of the major world problems is Unemployment. The rate at which Graduates are seeking for job are scaling up every year, which creates a lot of problems for graduates and undergraduates. Being unemployed has turned many people to what they don’t want to be, what they themselves cannot tell people about. With all this, we still have some companies that loves helping the unemployed ones to start a new beginning by giving them job opportunities, in this case, more than 30 people can be seeking for the same position in a company which can cause a lot of havoc between the company directors. Thus, calling them for an interview in other to know the person that stands out among others. In this Article, Keys to successful job interview, how to stand out among your competitors when seeking for job will be discussed.

The following steps can help you stand out among others during a job interview, if all the following steps are followed correctly, their is 85% possibility that the job is yours.

1. Your Dressing: When you are called for an interview, dress decently, don’t dress any how you want. Do some background check about the company, if the company is based on tradition, make sure you comply with their policy. Your dressing must be simple and awesome, you must look so simple and at the same time look gorgeous.

If you are a man, Your shirt and your trouser must be ironed, make sure you put on a tie, don’t wear sandal, make sure you are wearing cover shoe, that’s if you can’t afford money for suit. You can use a wrist-watch if you have, that will prove to them that you value time and you are working with time. Don’t use a necklace, as a man, using a necklace can make them loose their trust in you, especially if the interviewers are not fans of material things.

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If you are married, let them know you are married, Though your Curriculum Vitae (CV) might say it all, don’t lie. The Directors and interviewers are not stupid, they will also do some background check about you, if you lied to them, then you will be automatically evicted. Don’t forget to put on your wedding ring if you are married, this will let them know you are faithful to your partner and that you are trustworthy.

Your Hairstyle: Make sure you are on low cut, it is very important.

**this article will continue from the second section, stay tuned!!**


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