Many people are trying to give Blogging a trial. Simply because they are trying to see if they fits into the blogging world. After the first year, they either quit or continue.

Though Blogging is all on passion, money comes later on. I don’t really blame them, many successful bloggers did the same when they started their career as a newbie bloggers. So, it’s nothing new.

With this, they wanted to start their blogging career with a little amount of money. In this article, how to successfully purchase a $0.99 .com domain from godaddy will be discussed.

PLEASE NOTE THAT: the domain name re-seller mentioned in this article is the only Domain names provider we know you can get $0.99 domain name from, we are not responsible for the amount you purchase domain names from other domain names re-seller after reading this article.

Godaddy is a UK Based domain names provider. Their service is very good and cheap. Godaddy loves helping people kick start their career with little amount of money. That’s why they are offering .com, .net, .org and many more Top Level Domains for $0.99 for the very first year. After that, you will renew your domain name for nothing less than $15. Within 1 year of blogging with $0.99 you should be able to figure out your talent, you should be able to figure out your talent, you should be able to know if you should continue blogging by renewing your domain name or you should quit.

To purchase $0.99 Domain name from Godaddy, make sure you have up to $1.50 in your bank account, if you are a Nigerian make sure you have up to N500 in your account.

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Make sure your mastercard has not been used for $0.99 domain purchase from Godaddy before because this service is available for once.

Their are two methods to purchase domain name from Godaddy, first method is through Google search, the second method is using of coupon code. Let’s learn how to use Google search.

Google is widely known as the biggest search engine in the world. Because of this, Many Internet marketers, web developers, website owners and bloggers are making use of Google Adword to advertise their service on all Google products including Google Search Engine. This is the same opportunity Godaddy made use of.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: In the search Bar, type “Buy $0.99 domain name from Godaddy” and search.

Step 3: Click on the first result, that’s if the site the first result leads to is, you can check this at the end of the result.

Step 4: On getting to Godaddy, check for the domain name you want to use, if it’s available, add it to cart and proceed to checkout.

Note: When selecting the domain name of your choice, think carefully, you cannot buy another domain for nothing less than $15, don’t forget that the domain you are about to buy for $0.99 will be renew the second year for nothing less than $15. Be wise!!.

Step 5: On getting to the Billing page, you will be asked to login or create an account before you proceed. Click on create new account. Make sure the email address you will use when creating a new account does not in any way have connections with a registered account, or else you will forfeit your right to be offered the domain name.

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Step 6: After your account has been created, you will be redirected back to the billing page, input your card details, you can use the hint below:

⦁ Card Number: This is the 16 digit numbers in front of your card.

⦁ Card Number: This is the 16 digit numbers in front of your card.

⦁ Security Code: This is the 3 or 4 digit numbers at the back of your card.

⦁ Card Validity: Month and Year of card expiration.

⦁ Name on Card: The name on your card. e.g Tolu Owoeye.

Step 7: Enter your address, your name, your phone number, your country code and your postal code at the billing address area. Make sure all the information you entered does not relate to any information that have been used previously on Godaddy.

Step 8: Click on Order, copy your order number, you can save the page as PDF if you are using Opera Mini, just click on print, make sure no printer is connected, this will enable the print to PDF option if this feature is on your computer.

You will receive debit alert from your Bank, after all this, connect your domain to your blog or to your hosting Nameserver under DNS and enjoy.


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  1. No wonder, I was trying to buy $0.99 domain from godaddy with my MasterCard, they keep directing me to $15 one, its because you can only use your card once, thanks for this great info bro..


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