Getting rich is everybody’s dream. Many people wants to get rich as a student, this has lead so many people to searching for various ways to make money online. Making money online is not easy as everybody thinks. However, i have summarized different ways students can make money on the internet while they still continue their education.

Note: Please, we urge you to understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme. If you utilize this article well, then you are sure to leave poverty behind and leave comfortable for the rest of your life.

In this article, different ways to make money online as a student will be discussed.

Various ways students or anybody can make money online is listed here, though this article was directed to students who are willing to make a living online, others can also make use of it and start a new life, here are the various ways to earn money online:

⦁ Blogging

⦁ Blogging

⦁ Freelancing

⦁ Digital Marketing

⦁ Affiliate Marketing

⦁ Investment.

1. Blogging: Whenever or wherever we are talking about making money online, Blogging usually comes first.

A Blog is a website or a web page where you share your knowledge with other people and get paid for doing so. Before you start blogging, think of what you know how to do best that can help you in your career as a blogger.

Any time you starts blogging, don’t think of money, just think of it as your passion. Though some people are making huge amount of money from their blog monthly, your own case could be different, you might not make a penny from your blog for a month simply because you are not having enough traffic like the other blogger. Making blogging as your passion will help you erase the income part from your mind and help you concentrate on how to increase your traffic and will not make you feel disappointed and discouraged when you see other Bloggers making it.

How To Be Successful As A Blogger

To be successful as a blogger, you must be dedicated to your blog. Grow your traffic, work on your blog design, create your own content, do not copy other people’s work and be creative. You shouldn’t be copying other blogger’s posts and be posting it to your own blog.

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Blog on what you know how to do best, if it is Fashion, go for it. If it is Technology, go for It. If it is Jokes, go for it. If it is Stories, go for it. If it is Tutorials, go for it. If it is Sport, go for it. Do not let yourself be shamed over copying and pasting, copying and pasting can ruin your career.

How To Make Money As A Blogger

You can make money as a blogger by displaying relevant Ads to your visitors, their are many Ad networks you can join that will earn you reasonable amount of money. Read my article on Google Adsense here, read my article on Adquet here, read my article on Nairapp and you can also read on Propellerads. As long as you are getting reasonable traffic, money will keep coming.

How To Start A Blog

You can read my article on starting a wordpress self hosted website here, read how to start a free blogspot website here. In the process, don’t forget to read and download my article on how to Purchase a domain name for less than N500 from Godaddy, i know you will like this, click here to read and download the article.

Time Of Work

Time is very important, if you are a very busy person, combining your daily activities with Blogging might not be easy especially if you are a student, you may be occupied with your academic activities which can hinder you from having time for your blog. If this kind of situation comes up, all what you need to do is to schedule yourself. If you schedule yourself, you will be able have a little time for your blog, It’s not a must you post everyday, it could be midnight, just make sure you are posting 2 to 3 articles in a week. If all that is done, you are sure to be successful in blogging.

2. Freelancing: freelancing has helped many people become a better person, many have made lots of money from freelancing. Freelancing is an act of offering your knowledge or your skill in exchange for money, one of the most popular freelance website is Fiverr is a website where sellers and buyers meet, i will offer my skills which may be web design, programming, content writing, article writing, graphics design, annimation and many more for a reasonable amount of money, which is called Gig. A buyer will view this gig and order, after delivery, i will be paid. read more about fiverr here.

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Fiverr Premium Course Worth N10,000 is now N7,000, 30% off, order for yours as soon as possible before returning it to the Normal price. Whatsapp +2349025728302 to Order now or send a message to Tolu Owoeye on Facebook.

3. Digital Marketing: digital marketing is another way students can earn money online, this is all about selling digital information, e.g selling eBooks and other digital services, to become a Digital Marketer, you will need to have knowledge on how online business is done, you can start writing e-books, start selling and be making money, you can also write sponsored posts for people and get paid immediately, with this you will be able to pay some certain bills in schools without having to contact papa and mama.

4. Affiliate Marketing: This is another way students can make money online, it’s the easiest method, it requires no capital, you will just sign up for a partnership with an online store like Jumia and Konga. You will be giving links and banners that you will place on your blog or your page, anybody that buys something from the store through your link, you will get your commission.

5. Investment: It is really great when you start earning huge some of money online after investing. Though before you can invest, you will also need money to kick start the investment process, this is the easiest method for students, no stress, just seat and watch your money grows like grass.

We’ve discussed 5 ways students can make money online, and i hope you can make use of one of this methods, always be cautious of how you deal with people, don’t forget to be careful of scammers, enjoy!!

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