Raster images are images you can quickly design for a Blog posts, this kinds of images are copyright free, because you designed those images by yourself, you have full right over it. Not all images you want to use on your blog should be downloaded, at least you should know how to be creative at times. In this article, how to quickly design raster images for blog posts will be discussed.

Designing raster images is not as hard as you may think, you can do it in the most simplest and easiest way, this method you will learn in this article will help you create a raster images quickly and easily.

To design raster images, you will need a photo editing software on your computer, RealWord Paint.Com Image Editor can easily do the job.

Download the application by searching for it’s name on Google search engine. Install the application and open.

Select the size of the image you want, select the background you want, you can write the title of the blog post or article, after that add some icons from the Paint Dashboard. Find icons and images that correspond with the title of the blog post.

The icons and images you can add to it may be a PNG or JPEG file, but a PNG image is highly recommended.

After you are satisfied with the design, the next is to save the design and convert to image that will be useful for your blog post or article.

On the top left corner, click the icon their, from the drop down menu, select SAVE AS. A pop up page will appear, type any name you want to save the image with, select file type, you can save it as a PNG or JPEG file. select the folder you want.

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Check the image in the folder you saved it, view it, if it show correctly, that means the image is ready for your article or your blog post.

Add it to your blog post or article and be free from copyright problems. As have said before, making raster images will save you from being penalized for copyright infringement because you have full right over the images.

Have you created Raster images for your Blog posts using other methods or the method we shared here? please be free to type out your experience when using various methods, telling us and other readers of this blog other methods you’ve been using while creating raster images will be appreciated.


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