The Integral Memory’s 512GB micro SD Card, It packs a whooping 512GB of storage(Which is half a terabyte) in a tiny chip.

It was recorded that in Q3 of 2017, SanDisk released a 400GB micro SD Card. This made them attain a world record for largest Micro SD Card in the market. Though, This record was short-lived as barely a year after this, Integral Memory’s upped their game and released a 512GB micro SD Card.

It has been rumored that the micro SD Card would run at a processing speed of about 80MB/s. Although, This is a nice speed, but when compared to SanDisk’s 400GB Micro SD Card which runs at 100MB/s, The Integral Memory card is a bit slow.

The new Micro SD Card is also classified as an SDXC UHS-I U1 card (i.e, it has a minimum write speed of 10MB/s) and meets the V10 standard for video transfer rates, so it’s designed to capture full HD video off cameras.

Date  for the official release has not been announced yet, but it’s going to be launched and available in the market by February.

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  1. 512GB is so much it will hang a lot of mobile devices. This card will have a special mobile phone it can work with. I’m definitely sure it cannot work with all devices.

  2. This will definitely cost a good fortune. if 64gb is like 8-10k…then this one would be like 50k be that or more…when 2tb HDD is just 24k…na wa oh

  3. the way things are going, i hope technology won’t bounce and kill us all one day, imagine 512GB, which kinda files can someone save on your sd card that will make 512gb memory full, some phones will be hanging sef.


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