Many Bloggers and Webmasters thought SEO is not for them just because of the extra-ordinary skills involved.

But the truth is that everybody is extra-ordinary, skills might be different, as long as you are able to achieve your dreams, nothing can stop me too from achieving my dreams too. It might be different from yours, but with dedication, it will work.

Back to the topic. We all knew creating and setting up a wordpress website is very easy, all the available plugins made it easy for easy customization and greater features.

Bloggers don’t find creating and setting up their blogs as a problem, their main problem is basically on SEO, how to properly optimize their website and how to rank for certain keywords on Search Engines’ first page.

Many bloggers are missing it right from the very first start, maybe when selecting domain names, during customization and lots more.

In this article, 5 working ways to improve Seo of a wordpress website will be discussed.

1. Encouraging Search Engines To Index Your Site: When creating and designing your wordpress website, you might accidentally turn ON the DISCOURAGE SEARCH ENGINES FROM INDEXING THIS SITE feature, doing this will stop search engines from indexing your site which can cause damage to your site in terms of getting traffic from search engines.

You can save your site from this problem by always checking the feature. In addition, deleting the default ‘Hello World’ wordpress post can cause damage to your site, because the page link will be showing 404 not found in Google Search Console.

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2. Configure Your Permalinks Structure: WordPress uses ‘?p=[id]‘ permalinks for posts. The default permalink is not search engine friendly. The default permalink structure will make you lose the opportunity to insert important keywords into your link. For me, the best permalink structure is the MONTH AND DATE, it looks like this: Reasons why i recommended this permalink structure will be discussed in my next article on SEO.

In addition, installing an .xml sitemap plugin will help a lot. This plugin will help search engine crawler index your site faster. you can search for ‘XML SITEMAP, install, activate and follow the instructions you were given.

3. Speed Up Your Blog By Using A Caching Plugin: A caching plugin is useful for all wordpress website, they reduce load on your web server., they also make your website faster. Install and activate W3 Total Cache. Don’t forget that search engines give more attention to sites that load faster.

4. Block Spam Comments: I guess you all know what spam comments are. Spam comments are very bad, they can reduce your site’s reputation, If search engines find spam comments on your site, your site can be flagged as spam, i know you wouldn’t like that. The best thing to do is to remove comments that are not the same with your content, e.g: food comments on car discussion thread. Find all possible means to prevent spammers from doing bad stuffs on your site. You can install and activate WP SPAM SHIELD, this plugin will automatically delete spam comments from your blog.

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5. Add Important Keywords To Your First 50 Keywords: This very important, Google give more importance to the first few paragraphs of text when indexing a site, so it is very important you add your keywords to the first paragraphs.

Don’t slack when it comes to linking posts to each other, Always link your old posts to new ones and new ones to old ones. In addition, fix all broken links on your site.

Conclusion: Evaluate your site after implementing this 5 techniques. Check if you are ranking higher or not, always search for the keywords you added to your site on search engines to see if you are improving or not. If you’ve improved your wordpress site seo using this 5 techniques, please don’t hesitate to let us know your experience through the comment section. If you are having difficulties with SEO after reading this article, don’t hesitate to type it out, who knows? you might get an overwhelming solution from other Gurusblendites.

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