It’s been a while, sorry everyone, have been very busy in school, i had to make use of this little time to update you all on the latest development i just found out.

It can be frustrating at times when you are typing recharge card pins on your phone because you want to load airtime, have experienced that kind of frustration so many times. Don’t worry, i just found out the best way to load recharge cards to your phones without stressing yourself. In this article, how to load recharge cards on your mobile phones using your phone’s camera will be discussed.

Their is an awesome application you can use that will help you load your recharge card by just capturing the recharge card pin, this app is rated 4.9 by me because no one is perfect, everything about this app is cool and you can make use of it without getting into any trouble.

The name of this app is Recharge King, what the app does is to help you load airtime recharge cards on your mobile phones, without you having to manually input the recharge card digits by yourself, the will only make use of your device’s camera.

You can get this app Google Playstore, i don’t know if the IOS version of the app is available, but as soon as i verify it is available on App Store, i will let you all know by updating this article. Please subscribe with your email address as this will enable you to be receiving notifications of new awesome articles being posted on this blog.

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