Oreo Version 8.1 update for Samsung S8 and S8+ is officially out. The Smartphone company made this known to the public and to all s8 and s8+ users by making the feature available for all to see.

The new update is available in a way that will be easy for all users to update, don’t forget that the 2018 powered version came with lots of features.

Though the update has been out for the past one week now, it just started working has some that updated theirs immediately  experienced some troubleshooting, and trust us here we wouldn’t want to do anything that will cause you trouble. So we had to wait till this week to share the update with you all.

You can update your own S8 or S8+ to the latest version by going to your device settings, click on about phone, click on updates, it will show you that Android version 8.0 is available. you can download and install the new version for 1.5GB of data.

Click on download and install, immediately both is completed, your device will restart and you will have the latest android Oreo version 8.0 on your device.

No problems involved. Please note that this update is for Samsung S8 and S8+ users only, however other device users can also check their own the same way it was explained in this article, if it is available, download and install, if it is not, patiently wait till the version 8 of your device is out.

Please note that tweaking your device to get the latest version while the official update of your device is not yet out can crash your phone. Patient Pays.

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