Internet is now full of themes that will reduce workload or burden, however many web developers making use of the top platforms like wordpress and blogger to deliver greater result and eye catching website to their clients need to consider some things before going for a theme. a theme might be responsive cool, eye catching, beautiful website, but the theme might not be compatible with the web design platform version. In this article we will discuss tips on how to choose the best theme

Read the description

Most of the themes come with a short description of functionality and features. By reading it, you should be able to have a rough idea if the theme matches your needs and requirements. Most of us usually forget to read the theme description; we only look at the design structure.

Check for responsiveness

Aim for a responsive design that will work on both the mobile devices and the desktop browsers. This is very important as it’s recommended by Google.

Some blog theme or template only good with desktop browsers and not mobile friendly. And I bet it you won’t want your blog not to be mobile-friendly. This is of the most important checklist for choosing your blog theme.

Check the ratings

There will be star ratings visible under theme details and in the preview to give you a clear idea how good the template or theme is. A good rating theme will definitely be an ideal theme for your blog design.

Preview the theme

While checklist for choosing your blog theme preview the theme or template (demo) to get an idea of the overall layout, look and how customizable it is. Demo display is good way to know how eventually your blog will look like after the design.

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There are three types of blog themes which are free themes, premium themes, and custom themes

Free themes: For most visionary novice or newbie bloggers, the world is not enough. The supply of free themes (with more than two thousand themes that are available on does not satisfy their main or particular desire for feel and look.

There are other two options you can take a look at, custom themes and premium themes. However they incur a cost, sometimes a little one, at other times a huge amount of money.

Premium themes: Premium themes are created and developed by both single developers and dedicated showcase sites. The price varies for most types, the price for a single use licenses ranges from $25 to $1000, depending on which premium blog theme you choose for your blog.

Custom themes: Custom themes are created and developed by an individual developer (designer and coder, or agency) who will either create a brand new blog theme or customize an existing theme for you.

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